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Nearly six months without a single post. Must be breaking my own records...

By the way, in the case anyone actually reads this. Does anyone know a good place to get a beta reader?
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Joyous Destruction

Eeeeee New Layout!!

So there. Pretty pastel coloured new layout, based on that magnificent anime series Honey & Clover is.

My love for Morita-san took over my brain and these are the results. Truth be told, I'm pretty satisfied with this design, probably because I'm going through spring (Haru, ne) and this kind of colour scheme is always soothing and relaxing. Other than some little CSS changes, I think this is pretty much the final version of Pragmatic Moi 2.0 ^^

Now, I'll go and crawl to bed. Meh.
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Joyous Destruction

New Layout

As it is very evident, I've decided to go and make the layout change I foresaw a couple of posts back. And how wonderful it feels.

It had been some months already since I had done a decent layout so it's felt good manipulating pictures and colours again. And what beautiful pictures at that!

It's all about the Phantom of the Opera, I tell you.

Anyway, some technicals now.

The main focus of the layout, as it's again evident, are Christine and the Phantom. The passionate and somewhat entrancing quality of their relationship has forced a dark layout, full of reddish colours (Phantom's passion), also with a bit of white thrown in the mix for contrast's sake (Christine's innocence). Photoshop handled the main construction of the layout's base image and then Macromedia Fireworks was used to cut it to pieces. Lastly, Macromedia Dreamweaver handled all the coding of the Livejournal's style.

Pictures were gathered from movie-related sites and the one non-Photoshop brush used comes from Nocturna.NET

It hasn't been a particularly easy design to create, but damn, it's been fun.
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Joyous Destruction

Merry Xmas!!!

Since here we are already five minutes over 24th's Midnight...

</div>Merry Christmas!!

</div>¡¡Feliz Navidad!!

*goes off to finish her champaigne bottle... weeeeeeeeeee*
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Joyous Destruction

New design!!

Now that I've finally joined the paid-member community, thanks to the always adorable jessifanfic, it only could mean one thing...


... well, not strictly speaking, since I've kind of recycled one of my old GreatestJournal layouts, but to be able to see one layout of my own in this LJ... ah, the joy!!!

I will now scamper off to plan a new design that, I fear, will be totally dedicated to the newest, most wonderful obesession (aka The Phantom of the Opera). See what the obsessive listening (in repeat mode, of course) of two Soundtracks can do to a girl... :D
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Joyous Destruction

How can a song inspire me so....

Ah, life is indeed wonderful when you happen to be in love. And in love I am, totally, happily and simply blinded by the beauty of the songs from the Phantom of the Opera.

Music has always been terribly important in my life, to the point that I cannot imagine my world without it. My piano is one of my most valued possessions and my small CD collection is something I deeply cherish.

Given this background, it's no surprise the fact that I've simply loved the Phantom of the Opera movie. Although, it wasn't a true love at first sight. Of course I liked it, even despite the fact that they have gone and dubbed ALL the songs in spanish and the non-singing voices of some of the subbing actors were horrible. But the true obsession has come slowly, stealthy as a whisper that turns into storm and there is only one culprit: The Special Edition of the Phantom of the Opera movie Soundtrack, which thankfully is the original english version.

Ah the emotion of the songs, the beauty and delicacy of Christine's voice, the raw intensity of monsieur le Fantôme (ah, how terribly handsome he is!) the exquisite voice of Raoul, the magnificent choruses... How very amazing all of it is and how deeply touches me. How I wish I had the opportunity of have watched the musical (woe! how sad is not living in one of the main cities of Spain!) to truly enjoy the real experience of the Phantom of the Opera. Sadly, as it is quite out of my hand to achieve this, I will have to be satisfied to search for, at least, the Musical soundtrack.

What I can guarantee is that this won't be the only time I'll to a theater to watch the movie. I fear there will be more times in which I'll lose myself in music.
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Joyous Destruction

How very distasteful the net gets sometimes...

To say I am angry would be downplaying the current situation.

To say that I'm homicidal perhaps would be called exageration.

Let's settle with pissed off, then.

I mean. I had my pretty, little and overly unused weblog happily hosted on my domain, and, to my much disagreeable surprise, a couple of days ago I found that some kind of spamming robot had decided to go and start leaving comments on every single one of my entries.

Ah well, by then I was slightly mad but nothing too serious. I decided that the better course of action was to delete the frigging comments (I could have left them, but their mere sight offended me). Everything would have worked so very well if not for the little, ickle, tiny fact that, as soon as I started removing the unwanted comments, the spamming robot from hell started leaving then once more.

It was then when I went into "Very pissed off" status.

I mean. What the fuck (and pardon for the language) do I care about random quotes from God knows what books/panflets/whatever being written in my blog in the name of Online's Biggest Casino.

The saddest (and more anger-inducing) thing is that, since every single comments is forwarded to my email inbox due the script's characteristics, I had to take the decision to go and remove the script from the server to avoid receiving 100+ emails from the spamming comments. And now I'm seriously considering if it's worth the time to go and install other kind of script (seeing that the one I was using wasn't very reliable in security matters) or simply forget about it, since I'm busy enough as it is and learning the format and internal workings of a new script takes its time.

Go to hell, spamming robots and stay there until the end of times.
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Joyous Destruction

*Dies of Happiness*

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!11!1!!!! (Halle Berry Style)


I've already have the bus tickets and saturday's pass and I have yet to convince my friends not to go sightseeing on sunday and keep me company at the salon too. Because since I'm only going to be there for two days I want to experience the "Friki" atmosphere as long as I humanly can. Gah, I still cannot believe my father "suggested" I went. I'm so incoherent right now it's not even funny and god, I need to start a list with all the things I want to buy (if I ever see a Roy!Plush I'll be saying my € bye bye but with a big smile on my face) and damn I don't get to cosplay because it's all so sudden and I better stop babbling NOW


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Joyous Destruction


I've finally convinced my father to get the Advanced ADSL package from 1Mbps. TEH FRIKI HEAVEN.

ADSL will SO own my soul, firstborn and main vital parts.

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